Levin Blue Crystal

Levin Blue Crystal

Crystal marble” is a unique type of marble stone easily recognizable due to its blue and crystalline appearance, sometimes with gold streaks and lines. It’s a very versatile stone that’s commonly used in construction due to its unique qualities and the abundance of quarries.

As its name implies, Crystal Marble Stone is a type of marble that has recrystallized over a long time by heat and pressure from molten, hot magma and formed large crystals. Its constituent crystals, often large and visible to the naked eye, distinguish crystal marble from sedimentary carbonate stone.

The process of crystal marble formation is similar to that of metamorphic stones, so it is considered a limestone metamorphic stone. Minerals such as hematite, quartz, calcite, and wollastonite are the constituents of this type of stone. If the amount of quartz ore is high, then its hardness will be higher.


Features Of Crystal Marble Stone

The color of crystal marble stone is pure, white, blue, and crystalline, and sometimes it has streaks and dark gray lines. The presence of dark and gray lines in this stone indicates the carbonaceous material in it.

When light hits this stone, due to its bright color and dazzling sheen, the light is reflected, so the use of crystal marble stone in the facade was usual in ancient times with the reflection of light, not much heat is absorbed and, the building was protected from high heat.

Even today, those who work professionally on crystal marble stones insist that this stone can still be used outdoors, but one of the weaknesses of this stone is the lack of proper adhesion and erosion in hot and cold climates. For this reason, this stone and marble in general are often used indoors.

Application Of Crystal Marble Stone

Because of the crystal`s specs, this type of stone is multipurpose and can be used in facades, walls, floors, stairs, etc.

 Crystal Marble stone has high abrasion resistance and low water absorption (because of very low porosity), so it is used in places that are exposed to moisture, such as bathrooms.

 Due to its natural and distinct veins, this stone is widely used as a slab and is used in Book-Matched & Four-Matched Slab designs on the wall and floor.

 Owing to their crystalline nature and light color, crystal marble stone, like onyx stones, can transmit light to some extent, and this feature distinguishes them from others. It is also used as a kitchen cabinet and countertop.

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